2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Review and Prices

The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa has a unique design to drive in the road. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc engine  DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves, twin Swirl Combustion Chambers provides 11% higher performance and smoother operation. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa a lightweight aluminum alloy pistons feature a revised shape and a higher compression ratio of 12.5:1 for maximum performance in all conditions. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa fuel tank height is lowered to allow riders helmet to tuck in and windscreen height is increased for improved wind protection and optimum aerodynamic efficiency with the rider in place. 

The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa has a bridged aluminum alloy swingarm features a new cross-sectional shape for increased rigidity and to cope with improved rear tire grip and increased engine output. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa have a slick shifting 6 speed transmission working in conjunction with an innovative back torque limiting clutch for smooth and controlled downshifts. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa has a price of $13,999 USD. The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa has a fully adjustable inverted front fork featuring DLC coated inner tubes for minimal friction resistance and outstanding suspension performance over a variety of riding conditions. The  2013 Suzuki Hayabusa newly designed wheels mounted with high performance Bridgestone BT-015 tyres for unmatched handling and control.