2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA Review and Prices

The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA with exciting performance and truly versatile capabilities, it's an all around sportbike at an exceptional value. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA leads the way in styling, just as it leads the way in all round sporty performance, user-friendly comfort and unmatched value. the GSX1250FA has a wide spread of power with the substantial peak torque produced low down in the rev range. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA benefits from extra smooth acceleration, inspiring power delivery and the ability to cruise for long distances in comfort.

 The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA has a 1255cc engine tailored to deliver extra-smooth acceleration and broad power, generating peak torque at a low rpm range. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA has automatic Idle Speed Control helps improve cold starting, reduce cold-start emissions and stabilize engine idle under varying conditions. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA liquid cooled oil cooler helps keep the engine running cool. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA classic tube-frame chassis, with rake and trail chosen for an excellent balance between sporty handling and highway cruising comfort. And 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA has 43mm stanchion tube front fork and single rear shock, both spring preload adjustable. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA has a price of  $11,899 USD. The 2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA has seat height can be adjusted up or down 20mm by flipping over mounting spacers between the seat and the frame seat rails.