2014 Honda CBR250R Review and Prices

The new 2014 Honda CBR250R has  features of performances in running in the road.The a single-cylinder machine, the CBR250R is narrow, and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.The 2014 Honda CBR250R uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer.The 2014 Honda CBR250R digital gauges with analog tachometer provides vital riding information in a styled, hi-tech instrumentation package.The 2014 Honda CBR250R unique bodywork, which is designed for style and functionality.

The 2014 Honda CBR250R starts right up, even in cold weather. Compared to a carbureted bike, it also helps reduce emissions and enhance performance and fuel economy.The 2014 Honda CBR250R has single is the perfect choice for a bike like the CBR250R.The 2014 Honda CBR250R engine is a smooth runner. The 2014 Honda CBR250R uses a single-shock pre-load adjustable rear suspension that not only gives you a smooth ride, but helps enhance handling as well, just as on some of our larger sport models.The 2014 Honda CBR250R has a low 30.5 seat height does more than help make sure the motorcycles fits a wide range of riders. The 2014 Honda CBR250R a separate passenger seat, integrated grab rail, and standard passenger footpegs mean you can take a friend along when you go riding–another example of the CBR250R's versatility.The 2014 Honda CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with our Anti-lock Brake System – a first for the segment and a really valuable option that both first-timers and experienced riders will appreciate.The 2014 Honda CBR250R removing the rear passenger seat provides a lockable area to throw a map, gloves, or a spare set of sunglasses.The 2014 Honda CBR250R features front and rear hydraulic discs for excellent stopping power and brake feel.The 2014 Honda CBR250R new colors include Repsol, Pearl White/Blue/Red, Red and Black.